Why Ascent Web Designs?

Own your site. When you work with us, you take full ownership of your domain name, your website and your site's hosting. After the job is done, you are free to use your site as you like, without any further commitment to us. 

Quality.  At Ascent Web Designs, we do not like to complicate things. Sites are built with clean code that is easily expandable.  Websites' code is simple, up to date and well documented so subsequent work can resume with ease.

Experience.  Ascent Web Designs is composed of designers and developers.  The person guiding you through your website development is an actual designer-developer, not a sales person nor a customer service representative.  Many large design firms keep their costs down by taking client information through a form, filled by the clients or by a service employee.  Once this employee gathers the basic information and requires the client to provide all the content to plug into the site, then the information is assigned to a designer.  Designers at large firms often do not have direct contact with their client nor the client's vision.  At Ascent Web Designs, you will speak directly with the lead designer-developer in charge of your project.

No monthly fees.  Ascent Web Designs does not change monthly fees.  Once the site is done and paid for, it is completely yours.  You only pay for your domain name and your site's hosting service – at the hosting company of your choice.  If you need any changes after a site is complete, we are available in increments as small as ½ hour each. Just drop us an email with your changes, and they will be done.

Customized Service.  Our services are customized to each client's needs. You select exactly the services you want, and do not pay for anything else.  There are no restrictive packages to choose from, and each job is charged on an hourly basis. You are not restricted to templates nor limited to specific features.  You are free to choose and expand at any time.

We understand small business needs.   Ascent Web Designs is directed by Susana Padula, an MBA with experience in both, running small businesses and building websites for other small businesses.  Her combined experience provides the ability to keep client websites not just beautiful and engaging, but also efficient and practical.  She oversees the design and development of every site created at Ascent Web Designs.

For a free quote or more information, please contact us.